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About us

About Us

Do you wish that your home also looked like the ones that you keep finding on Pinterest? Do you also want a sleek dining table with a maple finish? Are you looking for affordable yet stunning options to beautify your home and office?

interior décor

If yes, then look no farther than Hide Seek! We are one of the most visited home décor companies based in Australia, and we are here to take care of all your interior décor needs. Providing simple and beautiful solutions to your home and office décor problems, we make sure that everybody you invite over to your living or working space goes back impressed by your impeccable taste.


Services We Provide

Hide Seek manufactures the most exquisite furniture collection and other knick knacks that you need to turn your living space into the house of your dreams. Housing vintage and indie decoration pieces alike, you are bound to find whatever you are looking for at our store.


character and personality

Hide Seek does not only provide you with the pieces you need to add character and personality to your space, but also offers an in depth consultation of what will work out best for the place you want to decorate. Who needs an interior designer when you have got Hide Seek on the job?!

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